Classified Employees - Onsite / Tele-working
Lydia Noble, Melissa Hurd, Jennifer Orr, Matt Frumovitz, Katie Zimmer, Courtney Goode, Lisa Davis
Provide clarity and guiding parameters for getting classified employees back to the work

Background Context:
The District's goal is to begin getting classified employees back to the physical work site. Meeting this goal will look differently for each employee and for different employee job classifications. For instance, our Custodial team has never left the worksite and others have begun returning to help with the start of the school year (CDC Teachers, CNS, Health Clerks, Custodians, certain IAs need to be on site). The goal of getting employees back to the work site for some may also occur over a phased-in approach (onsite a few days a week, offsite a few days a week). For those with health concerns in the home or those with school-age children who will start their school year at home, there may be a need for greater flexibility in the physical return to the work site. In the event greater flexibility in physically returning to the work site is needed, we would ask that you contact your supervisor to discuss this as well as expectations for tele-working.

Tele-Working Parameters

Tele-Working Expectations (for Classified and Certificated)

If an employee does not adhere to these expectations, the opportunity to tele-work may be revoked by the supervisor and HR.