2020-21 Independent Study Contracts Supporting COVID-19 Absences
What is Independent Study?
Independent Study is an alternative instructional program to accommodate situations requiring students to be away from school on a short-term basis to ensure that the student is able to maintain academic progress in their class (6158 BP/AR). The absence duration should be as brief as possible, as absences of more than a few days can negatively impact student learning. These absences are unexcused unless they have been prearranged, and a short-term independent study contract has been approved by the site principal. Per Board Policy, Solana Beach School District will provide independent study contracts for the 2020-21 school year for students who are unable to participate in the Scholar's Onsite model due to health and safety issues related to quarantining due to close direct contact to an individual who has tested positive or is presumptive for COVID-19 or is at home isolating due to testing positive for COVID-19.
What is the Process for Requesting an Independent Study Contract?
Families may request an Independent Study contract from their school office when a student is unable to attend school, including health and safety issues related to COVID-19, such as self-quarantining or isolation. The contract must be completed and include the dates of absences, return to school date, and reason for request. The contract should be submitted to the office, and will be approved by the site principal based on meeting one of the criteria set forth below:

  1. The student is at home for fourteen (14) days to self-quarantine due to direct close contact with an individual who is positive or presumptive for COVID-19.
  2. The student is at home for 10 days due to a positive COVID-19 diagnosis. The student may return to school after ten (10) days from the onset of their first symptoms, and has not had a fever for at least 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medications and symptoms have improved and has been released to return to school.

  1. There may be other reasons for requesting an independent study contract. Please refer to Board Policy 6158.

How will my child get their work?
Once the Independent Study contract has been approved, families will communicate with the classroom teacher to determine how assigned work will be picked up, either from the school office or electronically.
When will my child's work be due?
All work must be turned in to the teacher on the first day the student returns back to school. The work in the Independent Study contract will be evaluated for completeness and, once determined complete, the absences will be documented as excused absences for the student.
What if my child needs to be out longer than 14 days due to prolonged illness?
Students who need to be out longer than 14 days due to prolonged illness are eligible to receive home/hospital services. Families should contact Student Services (858-794-7187) to receive further information.